Hi! I am Bharath, a visual designer who also makes interactive experiences and films.

Currently exploring augmented reality and exhibition design for a graduate MFA thesis at CCA.

Previously a product owner for a corporate e-learning platform.

At AJ+ , I visualised news stories, created an explainer and improved the search experience of their app. 

Produced documentary films for British Council and Bronx Museum with a design collective that I co-found.

Recently created posters and publications series for an artist fellowship and redesigned a foresight magazine for a large tech company. 

I have a qualitative, empathetic and research based approach to understanding contexts and stakeholders, and an experimental and craft based approach to different mediums. 

I work on experimental art projects, conduct workshops and design motion graphics. I love making system diagrams, band posters, writing essays, listening and making music

I am looking for work opportunities with design consultancies, product teams, research labs, museums and freelance contracts. 

Have a look at some of my work or feel free to get in touch with me !
 A few organisations that I have worked with.
Thank you !
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