Hello and thank you for visiting my portfolio! 
I am a visual and UX designer with experience in video production. I work independently to create communicative visual artifacts and I lead cross disciplinary teams to create videos, interactive experiences and products.

I recently graduated from the MFA Design program at CCA  with a thesis exploring the relationship between augmented reality and graphic design. Prior to that I was a product manager for a data science e-learning application called Rubric. 
Core Value
I wish to create impact by visualising complex information and ideas with clarity and delight contributing to larger scales and experiences. I enjoy the imaginative freedom of graphics, video and technology and the grounded value of human centric problem solving with user experience and design thinking. 

Design is a dynamic interdisciplinary and cybernetic practice of giving shape to materials and experiences within different scales towards articulated goals. I believe that best results are achieved when it is systematic, explorative and playful. You can read more about my approach in detail here. 
I have put these values and processes to create an editorial tone for a technology magazine, differentiate an e-learning brandvisualise news stories, produce documentaries for arts organisations, start and manage a studio and lead product teams.

I cultivate an interest and understanding of art, cinema, business, emerging technologies, media and sociology. I also write essays, give talks and workshops,capture images and make music
You can view my resume here and get in touch if you would like more information or to simply chat !
 A few organisations I have worked with before. 
Thank you !
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