AJ+ News Graphics

News for Social Media
AJ+ is Al Jazeera's internet exclusive channel focused on millenials that lives primarily on social media platforms and a native app. While working as a creative fellow and a freelance designer, I worked with the graphic design, user experience and video explainers team. 

We worked on creating a graphic system that is optimized for mobile viewing on twitter and facebook. Below are few of the news stubs that I had designed along with the news team that got high engagment with the audience. 
"The people I relate to most is the middle class" – Donald Trump. Hm. Let's think about that for a second.
In parallel to these graphics developed with respect to news events, the channel also delved into longer and indepth coverage resulting in info-graphics optimized for mobile viewing. While working on these stories with the producers, I rearranged the script to create better flow and comprehension. 
You can see the teams new graphic work here http://ajplusgraphics.tumblr.com/
Cover image for monthly theme
Documentary Screening Promotion
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