Experiments in Interaction

Experimental Interactives
A situationist photo-shpere
A situationist derive is a great method to observe the underlying forces that run through a space and urban configuration. What could be a contemporary method of representing these observations. How could we appropriate contemoporary forms of representing spaces ? 
Las Meninas on hyperlinks
Historically we started making sese of the world around us by nomenclature and organized lists. This taxonimical effort was applied to all knowledge fields and was instrumental to development of scientific proceses. However, it also robbed us of our romantic and mystical relationship with the world. 
Las Meninas is an extremely layered painting that was produced during this transformative phase of cultural history. The artist of the painting Diego Velázquez embeds a complex network of relationships in this great painting. To explore how these relationships are built I started grouping and naming different elements within the painting. Each category also started housing other entities through association as if refelecting the structure and experience of hyperlinks and the internet. 
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