Sound Art and music

An Undated Journey Out
Outer Space and Sound

An interpretive sound piece with an underlying narrative about the
journey of human race to the skies above. The piece moves from
a realistic setting to an unreal and introduces small bits of actual
scientifi c recordings. This narrative attempts to be a bridge between the
expressive musical work and the scientifi c study and representation of
outer space through sound.
Drupad on self
self portrait sound scape

There was clarity in the beginning, and then a rhythm which degenerates and mutates. That clarity is
not completely lost; it resurfaces in different light, in different intensities and in different settings. The
journey is marked with feelings of reluctance and apprehension, a parallel development of primitive and
modern energies and bouncing between states of struggle and resolve.
Musical Experiments
This is a piece of digital music I am in the process of creating. I find that a lot of strategies I have picked up as part of my visual exercises find their way into the musical experiments I do. 
The Process Ensemble
Drums and Composition 
I contribute to a jam band as a drummer that was trying to create music through jam sessions that would be recorded and re-ordered. 
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